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LA Productions is a well established Film production company located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and with partner offices in other countries. With over 10 years of industry experience, LA Productions now offers full range of producer services to international and local productions in the Netherlands.

We understand it is a great challenge to run a Film production from an off-site location so we are here to provide full resources for those in need of our expertise. We provide highly experienced producers to oversee all aspects of your production while keeping you informed and updated during the process.


Ideas: Auteur vs. Industry/Art vs. Culture/Writer-Directors
Partnering with another producer / Creative and Financial Co-productions

Assembling a Creative Team and making a few Key Decisions:
Commissioning a Writer
Choosing a Director
Hollywood vs. Europe
Packaging of Talent: agents, managers and lawyers and casting directors
Location of the Filming / Subsidies

The Value Chain / Copyright / Chain of Title / Screenplay Rights
Option/Purchase Agreements
Underlying rights: articles, books, life rights, etc.
Creative Team Agreements: Short Form/Long-form Contract
Director Agreement / Director Development Agreement
Producer Agreement
Writer Agreement
Co-production Agreements
Development Finance Agreement

Casting: Casting Directors / Securing Cast
Actor Agreements: Major Deal Points (Upfront/Contingent Compensation, Deferments, Profit Participation: Gross vs. Net
Guilds residuals
Composer Agreement
Music and Music Rights: Sync and Master Use Licenses
Rights Clearance (artwork, brands, pictures)
Location Agreements

Distributors and Sales Agents
The Revenue Waterfall Estimating Revenue: the highs and lows
Sales Agency Agreement
Marketing and Distribution Plan
Distribution Agreements / Financier's Notices of Assignment

Budget/Financing - Financing Sources: Equity, Pre-sales, Gap Financing, Debt and Subsidies
Equity Investment Agreement
Loan Agreement
Security Agreement
Interparty / Intercreditor Agreement
Revenue Flow -Theatrical and Ancillary Rights: Domestic and Foreign BO, Domestic and Foreign Ancillary Rights Revenue Projections
Collection Agreement

P & A Funding
Clearing Supporting Materials Marketing: Social Media, Press, Publicist, Website, Blogs, Word of Mouth
Release Plan
Film Festivals / Film Markets
Theatrical Distributor or Alternative / Ancillary Media